A seed-stage software-as-a-service company operating in stealth mode.

WaggleDo is more than an app. WaggleDo is a next generation communication platform that recognizes people and understands context in your messages. WaggleDo helps you communicate effectively.


WaggleDo brings everything you care about together in a familiar way. Features you know and have used before.


WaggleDo helps you manage your daily communication. At work and in life. Find information easily.


WaggleDo helps you focus in a busy life. Get things done.

The Problem We're Solving

The Problem We're Solving

Our digital lives buzz. People, actions, topics and things, all call for your attention and time. At work and in life. Even our minds start buzzing in today’s busy world.

Messages, chats, to-do's, calls, appointments, meetings, articles, documents, images, notes, errands, thoughts, ideas, books to read, movies to watch, places to visit... are all over the place housed in countless tools and all buzz. A lot.

>Our Value Proposition

Our Value Proposition

WaggleDo helps you communicate effectively and manage your daily communication. WaggleDo brings everything you care about together in a familiar way. Find information easily and keep focus in your busy life. Get things done.

WaggleDo helps people hack life. Get the most out of life. Living life to the max. Whatever that may be. Whether this is climbing the highest mountain, or reading the tallest stack of books.

The Solution We Bring

The Solution We Bring

WaggleDo introduces a new category in messaging called Buzz. Buzz is smarter than regular unsophisticated message types as it fuses communication, productivity, and information.

By adding contexts for People, Actions, Topics and Things very powerful features emerge:

Buzz is clear and concise. Ultra-short like chat or wordy like e-mail when needed.

Buzz received is organized upfront. No need to organize.

Buzz can be easily found and is actionable. Keep focus and get things done.

WaggleDo brings everything you care about together.

WaggleDo brings everything you care about together.

WaggleDo stores your Buzz in hives.

Hives for work. Hives for life.
Hives for companies.
Hives for organizations
A hive for you, just you, nobody else.

We make sure your Buzz stays private and secure.

Our Target Audience

Our Target Audience

There’s birds and there’s bees. Birds tweet. Bees buzz. A humming sound as of bees. All bees are busy, but some bees are more busy than others; the busy bees.

Busy bees need bees. Not countless tools. We are creating WaggleDo for the busy bees amongst us, for professionals like ourselves, with busy lives.

For the next generation, born in Wifi, glued to their smartphones and communicating at light speed. Using ultra-short messages, unaware of e-mail.

Premium Features for Busy Bees

Premium Features for Busy Bees

We will use a freemium business model. Free messaging, premium productivity and collaboration features. WaggleDo is for personal, private and business use.

As WaggleDo is software-as-a-service, we are not tied to physical or geographical borders. We can and will geographically scale. Language by language.


Competition & Scalability

Our competition is diverse. We will be challenging the likes of WhatsApp, Slack, Microsoft Teams and (more in general) E-mail.

WaggleDo is highly scalable due to its very general and broad applicability plus the fact that, at its core, WaggleDo leverages natural language.


What Sets Us Apart

  1. 1. WaggleDo combines personal, private and business use; manage buzz in 1 place a lifetime.
  2. 2. Buzz received is organized upfront and can be easily found in just a couple of clicks.
  3. 3. WaggleDo is very versatile. We build the 10% features that 90% of people use.

The Team

We are a duo of founders, each with unique skills that complement the other. Freek is a visionary, creative, and servant leader, empowering teams to succeed and representing the voice of the user. He has an innate ability to understand users' needs and design products that cater to them.

Danny is a highly skilled software developer with a proven track record of success in designing and delivering high-quality software solutions. His expertise in .NET, iOS, Android, and Cloud technologies makes him an invaluable asset.

Freek Beekhuis

Freek Beekhuis, CEO

Creative Father
Danny Scheelings

Danny Scheelings, CTO

Technical Brain
Business Angels

Business Angels

Our team has already invested a significant amount of effort and resources into laying the foundation and starting the development of a potential unicorn company. We are now seeking business angels who share our Silicon Valley mindset and have experience funding SaaS products with the potential for scalability.

Business Angel, VC

Funding & Network


We secured funding from two seed rounds and successfully developed several key components of our product, including a messaging system, a functional prototype, and an alpha version of the iOS app. We've since improved the app's functionality by integrating English and Dutch dictionaries and implementing natural language processing using AI technology. Our backend is highly scalable and currently hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).



Our aim is to tap into the expanding multi-billion dollar market for messaging and productivity. As technology has evolved, we have become inundated with information, leading to a trend of information overload. This has made it difficult, if not impossible, to stay organized, find what we need, and stay focused.

That's why we are incorporating AI into our platform to add context to messages and information, helping people to filter out the noise and focus on what's important. A huge opportunity to fix something that is broken.


Investor Readiness

Our company has a well-established structure and is now ready for investors and private crowdfunding. We have a mature development environment and all our systems are fully documented and functioning smoothly. Our iOS App's alpha version is already completed, and we are currently building the alpha version for Android. We are getting closer to the official launch of our product.


Our Next Step

In order to achieve our goals, which include developing our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) consisting of Backend, Web, iOS, and Android, generating traction, and creating the first premium features that will generate revenue, we need to grow our team. Expanding our team will allow us to have the necessary resources and expertise to bring our product to market successfully.

Seed Money
  • 1 Founder/Product Owner/Designer
  • 1 Founder/Full-Stack Developer
  • 1 Full-Stack Developer
  • 2 Backend Developers
  • 2 iOS Developers
  • 2 Android Developers
  • 1 AI Engineer
  • 1 (User Interaction) Designer
  • 1 Tester/Test Manager